Commercial Collections


Operating for over two decades, we have developed a personalized service, collecting receivables promptly, remitting proceeds in a timely manner, and building bridges of trust. We are supported by an automated system that provides for account management, internal management controls and on-line claim placement and inquiry, including accurate and up-to-the-minute information on your claims. Further, our professional approach is designed to achieve optimal results while maintaining positive customer relations. Our success has been built around the realization and understanding that to be effective, collectors must be "salespeople" who are specifically trained for your industry.

With more than 850 custom programs, we have the most comprehensive and efficient collection system in the industry. Clients have remote access, enabling you to place claim, make inquiries and receive all non-cash correspondence electronically.

We generate a wide variety of reports, including a Detailed Claims Report, all of which have been customized to meet our client's requirements. We strive to develop a quality partnership with our clients through an interactive team management approach that enables us to respond quickly and effectively to clients' changing needs. The quality of our efforts has resulted in a confidence and trust, leading to increased collection effectiveness.

Our Collection experience, combined with in-depth studies of communication techniques and debtor psychology, effective workload balancing and a five-to-one collector/manager ratio, has enabled us to greatly improve collection rates for our clients.

Our efforts on your behalf will focus on:

  • The Maximum possible collection effectiveness
  • A complaint-free environment
  • Cooperation and communication with your staff
  • Clear, concise reports that will help to reduce your staff's administrative burden
  • Maintaining a long-term quality partnership with you

Atwell,Curtis & Brooks, Ltd. has developed the financial strength, technology, staff and management systems necessary to effectively liquidate your portfolios, and is committed to devoting the resources and expertise needed to maintain a successful long-term relationship with your organization.