Accounts Receivable Portfolio Liquidation

Atwell, Curtis & Brooks, Ltd./University Management Associates & Consultants, Corp.(ACB/UMAC) performs portfolio liquidation services professionally, thoroughly and effectively. We've experienced recovery rates as high as 50%-making our services very cost effective, and netting far more than if the receivables were sold. Most importantly, outsourcing your portfolio liquidation task frees your staff to focus on other responsibilities that requires their expertise

Each liquidation program is based upon our proven methodology and is customized for the individual client. We combine non-alienating communication techniques and diligent, professional follow-up with a fully automated collection system that allows client interaction.

The ACB/UMAC Advantage

The advantages of engaging ACB/UMAC for your portfolio liquidation include:

  • We're cost effective - our recovery rate can exceed more that 50%.

  • We are very effective in service - as well as product - oriented businesses.

  • Twenty years of experience have educated us in the avoidance techniques that debtors use for non -payment.

  • We are members of the Commercial Law League of America and the Turnaround Management Association.

Ongoing businesses, banks, debtors in possession, liquidation Chapter 7's and 11's, trustees, law firms and turnaround specialist turn to ACB/UMAC for Accounts Receivable Portfolio Liquidation