204 Stonehinge Lane
P.O. Box 205
Carle Place, NY 11514-0205

New York - Phone: 516-622-9055, Fax: 516-622-9059
Chicago - Phone: 847-441-2951, Fax: 847-441-2952

Credit International has the ability to increase your company's sales and profits through its' low cost.

Credit Recommendation Service

This service allows subscribers to generate sales with maximum credit safety because Credit International has the depth of experience to provide Credit Appraisals with comfortable limits of risk.

The Bottom Line

  • Increased Sales
  • Fewer Losses
  • Greater Profit

Credit International is staffed by Credit Executives that have spent their entire careers analyzing retailers for the purpose of assisting you in making prudent credit decisions. Our Credit Executives speak directly to each subscriber, developing an ongoing relationship. This relationship results in a comprehensive understanding of the subscriber's business. In essence, Credit International becomes an extension of the subscriber's Credit Department.

Businesses, which are factored, utilize our service to generate sales and profits from "Declined" accounts. In today's market, Factors have become extremely restrictive regarding approval of accounts.

Additionally, a Factor may approve an account but the credit limit for that particular retailer may be currently filled. The result, new orders are declined and sales are lost. In these cases, we provide an unbiased assessment of the retailer along with our recommendation which may allow for shipments while controlling risk.

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