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P.O. Box 205
Carle Place, NY 11514-0205

New York - Phone: 516-622-9055, Fax: 516-622-9059
Chicago - Phone: 847-441-2951, Fax: 847-441-2952

With business conditions changing everyday, it pays to have the protection Credit International offers. With first-hand knowledge of all market activity, Credit International can help reduce credit risk on all your accounts by delivering critical services:

  • Greater Accuracy
  • Faster Service
  • Comprehensive Information
  • Automatic Follow-through

The credit options you receive are based on retailers' specific performance records/buying activities, payment habits, financial information, bank reports and trade news.

You are sent immediate notifications of any change that occurs on each inquiry you make for a 12 month cycle.

Accurate Recommendations With More Information

With each of your inquiries you receive our precise opinion, which provides information you can act on with confidence.


  • Credit suggestions in dollars
  • Composition of the business-individual, partnership, or corporation
  • Date business started
  • Payment history

NR(Not Recommended):

  • Specific reasons why we do not suggest a credit limit
  • Composition of the business- individual, partnership, or corporation
  • Date business started

Continuous trade checkups by our credit analysts keep all information current and sound.

Collection Service

You have more collection power with Credit International on your side. Our companion company Atwell Curtis & Brooks, Ltd one of the leading Commercial Collection agencies in the nation, will lend you their outstanding network of collection specialist to bring you fast, effective collections using a non-alienating approach.

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